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Citroen, Autonomous Mobility Vision

Imagining autonomous urban mobility.

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How do car manufacturers remain relevant as mobility becomes autonomous?

What type of companies are best positioned to lead the autonomous experience development?

Project The Urban collëctif

release DATE 2021


Collaboration by citroen, accor and jcdecaux

In response to these challenges, Citroen, Accor and JCDecaux have teamed up to form a partnership called The Urban Collëctif. Convinced that tomorrow’s mobility will be built around safety and well-being, the Urban Collectif harnessed overs 200 years of innovation experience to develop their mobility concept based on an open-source model called Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision.

references: Stellantis

Imagining autonomous urban mobility.

experiential setup



trip planner


Autonomous system

Level 5

Audio player


User profil

Touch surface

Controller, creens

Touch display



User settings

plugable component

Skate and pods

experience epics

In collaboration with Goodyear, Citroen has focused on the development of a new chassis allowing movement in all directions.

use case

Autonomous and electric plateform

The Citroen Skate is an autonomous mobility platform that can move in any direction using spherical wheels developed in collaboration with Goodyear.

use case

Joining the pods

Autonomous and universal, the interchangeable service pods are easily installed on the Skate. There are three types of pods to allow for maximum configuration flexibility.

Urban Collectif’s vision is to transition from a classic vehicle design to a urban-centric mobility platform. Based on an open source design, these pods aim to be a source of inspiration and creativity to imagine the new uses of urban mobility of tomorrow.

use case

Sofitel en Voyage

The first pod based on the collaboration between Accor and Citroen is Sofitel en Voyage. It provides business professionals transportation for short trips and highlights Sofitel’s service expertise.

use case

Pullman Power Fitness

The second pod, Pullman Power Fitness, is a bold interpretation of tomorrow’s urban mobility as it allows users to exercise while traveling. It is accompanied by a sports coach and provides customized audio and lighting.

use case

JCDecaux City Provider

To restore the magic of urban travel, the JCDecaux City Provider pod is an invitation to rediscover the city with a service accessible to all. Inspired by their urban furniture, users can easily plan their journey and ensure that their route is optimized.

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