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Bearbot, Vivien Muller

Control all your home devices with a universal remote

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How to integrate new ways to control devices in daily life ? 

How can we imagine the future of remotes ? 

Project Bearbot

release DATE 2017


developed by Vivien Muller

Bearbot is a universal remote that replaces all remotes and allows users to control every devices in their home. 

references: Vivien Muller

Control all your home devices with a universal remote

experiential setup

configuration system

Bearbot’s App


audio player


3D Gesture capture






experience epics

To star, users tame their Bearbot trough the app. They can easily set their parameters according to their preferences. 

use case

Bearbot app

After downloading the app, users can tame their Bearbot. The minimalist interface makes this easy and intuitive.

use case

Device selection

To control their devices users needs to connect them through the app. User choose the type of connection they want : bluetooth, radio,  They can then control their TV along with their music stereo, light, rolling shutters, etc. 

use case

Bearbot training

Bearbot needs to be trained one time before using so it responds to users gesture. Users decides which gesture control which action. 

Who never dreamed about controlling everything with a wave of a hand, or foot ? Bearbot allow users to control all the devices defined upstream through one remote capturing 3D gesture. 

use case

Devices information

Users can choose which devices they control. Each device chosen then has an icon on the screen interface. 

use case

Mutiple actions

With one gesture command, users can combine several functions. For example, they can turn off all their devices at one time, or turn on TV, select source and turn on the player. 

Bearbot is a small device that users can take with them as they move around the house. It is recommended to have it nearby and control either through your hand or even your foot if done properly.
use case

Mini Bearbot cub

Bearbot comes with Mini Bearbot, a relay to expand the infrared range. There is no screen, but is available when Bearbot is too far away from the device (5 meters – 16,4 ft) or hidden by obstacles.  
use case

A companion in daily life

Bearbot can become a real companion in daily life with spontaneous behaviors such as sneezing, dancing or falling asleep.

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