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Autopod, Lextan

Enable autonomous vehicle trust in urban centers.

DATE 2021

MATURITY LEVEL in development

Lextan presents Autopod, a compact & semi-autonomous unmanned vehicle for last-mile delivery.

It’s a game changer for the parcel and food delivery in the smart city by merging the best of human adaptability with the most effective self-driving technology.


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experiential setup

Remote driving

Teledriver by Lextan


SAE level 2/3

Immersive visual

360° road view

Augmented reality

ADAS informations


Autopod screen banner


ground projection

configuration system

Autopod signage configuration

Realtime audio & video transmission

driver telepresence


Enable safe driving in urban centers

use case

Remote driver with ADAS

When entering urban centers a remote driver takes control of the Autopod remotly. Driving operations are assisted by ADAS technologies and AR informations.


Ensure intuitive reassuring interactions with pedestrians and road users

use case

Instant messaging banner

The Autopod can display personalised messages through the screen banner on top of the Autopod. 

use case

Ground projection signage

The Autopod can also give additional information or feedback with ground projection signage.

use case

Driver telepresence

The driver presence is transmitted realtime with image and sound enabling natural communication with pedestrians and road users.

food for thoughts ...

How enabling natural communication with new objects can ensure their acceptance?

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