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The Arrival Bus

Offer public transport for every users

DATE 2020


Developped BY ARRIVAL


ARRIVAL company is developping a complete proposal for urban travel.

Arrival has designed a proposal for an electric bus, which takes in account all users of the public transportation system.

Everyone, from passengers to driver, but maintenance team, operator, and the city as well has an impact on the Bus design.

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experiential setup


User’s devices


Bus control Panel


In-board displays


Vehicle configuration

Bus information system



Exterior displays

Input device

Contactless bus bell


Address all passengers needs

use case

Trip preparation

An Application allows priority passengers to prepare their trip in the bus. Making the driver and the bus itself aware of their specific needs such as seat availability. The App will also guide them during the all trip.

use case

On boarding

Free or reserved seats are highlighted to passengers entering bus, while the flow of leaving passengers is guided using the bus on-board displays.

use case

Information during the trip

Contextual information are displayed to passengers on bus screens such as route status, next stops, transit links, local information.

use case

Quiet travel

A subtle soundscape inside the cabin is provided to create a calm atmosphere when there is no audio announcement.

use case

Stop request

The classic bus bell is replaced with a contactless button to request a stop. 

The function is avalaible as well on the application


Provide a good place to work

use case

Contextual interface

A display as a single interface for the bus driver to avoid too many buttons on the instrument panel. Information and control panel are triggered according to the context.

use case

Bus information

Bus information are available to all teams so they can organize their next shift, maintenance or cleaning operations.


Improve bus cooperation with the city

use case

Communication with other road users

Buses can be impressive vehicle on the road. To help collaboration with other road users the buses is equiped with exterior displays to communicate with other users of the city and helping to protect pedestrians or to allow safe overtaking as examples.

use case

Contextual exterior communication

Using dynamic content on coloured screens, the content can be adjusted to time, location or events. Flexibility can also allows regulations and safety rules adaptive content

food for thoughts ...

How good is the impact of user experience design on workers?

What are the possibilities around contextual communication in the city?

V2X is key in the future of city management, what are the impacts on user experience ?

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