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Ambient Experience, Philips

Humanize medical examination in hospital.

DATE 2021


Philips Ambient Experience creates patient-friendly environments by integrating technologies that can help to calm patients, increase efficiency and workflow.

This innovative people-focused solutions enables patients to select room themes and sounds, allowing them to personalize the environment and surround themselves in a relaxing, calming atmosphere.


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experiential setup


media projections


room ambient lighting

Media library

room theme library

touch screen


audio player

configuration system


Help patient to feel engage

use case

Room theme selection

Before starting the examination, patient can select room themes allowing them to personalize the environment.

use case

Personalized ambient room

Incorporating dynamic lighting, and projections, the room adapts to the selected theme, providing an immersive environment.


Provide positive distraction during examination

use case

Personalized ambient MRI

During the MRI, patient have headphones on for immersive audio, and they can see animations thanks to a miror above their head.

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How can room ambience personalisation improve healthcare?

What about a relaxing immersive environment for home therapy?

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