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Airspace Connected Experience, Airbus

Bring connected services into the air travel.

DATE 2020



business class seats by Stelia Aerospace 

eco class seats by Recaro 

Airbus commences in-flight trials of connected cabin technologies.

At the APEX Expo 2019 exhibition, Airbus presented its new connected cabin. This innovation, called the « Airspace Connected Experience », will enable to offer on-board services tailored to passengers’ needs. 


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terminal screen


connected mirror


OLED screen


led strap

capacity identification

sensor for luggage compartment capacity evaluation


aircraft informations 


IFE screens

touch display

flight crew tablet

touch display

personal smartphone

seat configuration

individual or shared configuration

human detection


voice command


ordering system

passenger app


scan code + camera

user profil


Make passenger journey more fluid

use case

Lavatory availability information

A camera tracks the line in front of the lavatory to minimise waiting time by redirecting this information directly on a personal support or in flight entertainment.  

use case

Storage compartment availability information

Hostesses and passengers have the possibility to quickly visualize the remaining places in luggage compartment thanks to lights. Flight crew is provided with tablet support.


Offer a personalized service in bord

use case

Personalized food service

With their smartphone passenger could pre-order food and berverage according to their particular preferences and regimes.  

use case

Personalized space

Passengers could book their seats according to their own preferences and travel needs (family, business trip, etc.). 

use case

Personalized content

Passengers will be able to receive customized content directly on their IFE (In Flight Entertainment) screens. Including movies of their interest or relevant advertisements – such as recommendations for concerts they might enjoy at their destination. 

use case

Easy access to personal data

Passengers will have the possibility to access their personal data from their cloud using the aircraft’s screens.  

use case

Personalized lavatory

User recognition makes it possible to change the washroom environment: change of colour according to mood, according to noise, change according to design preferences.  
Passenger can get information with the smart mirror and using voice control : informations about the time, the destination, the health support, get help with the assitant Eve. 


Transform the space according to the uses

use case

Seating configuration

Passengers have the option of transforming the cabin by rotating their seats so they can talk to their neighbours. 

use case

A hybrid space

The aircraft is built to be able to transform public spaces into different spaces according to the needs of use. The plane can thus become a sports hall, a bar… open to all.  

food for thoughts ...

How to preserve the relationships and links between passengers and cabin crew with these new technologies?

Are on-board screens still essential for accessing services when all passengers are equipped with their personal devices?

How do you ensure flexibility in the user experience on a product with long-term investments?

How to improve the user experience in a hyper-codified environment?

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