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’19 Milan : Resonance, Samsung

Introduce a natural interaction with technologies.

DATE 2019


COMMIsSIOnNED by samsung

Designed by VAVE STUDIO

Samsung created an interactive installation for Milan design week that allowed visitors to create art by breathing, talking and moving.

Visitors can discover five resonating experiences that are designed to bring people together; creating a dialogue between objects, technology and themselves.

« When experiences acquired through different senses come together as one, they powerfully resonate within each other’s hearts. We call this phenomenon ‘Resonance’. » Samsung Design at Milan Design Week 2019

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voice capture


touch surface

breath sensor

human detection


video projector



object configuration

expanding sphere

object configuration

vibrating rope

valve configuration

water valve


Invite to interact through breath

use case

"Dandelion" installation

Expanding spheres dilate and contract to the delicate rhythm of the user breathing in and out.


Invite to interact through touch

use case

"Aloft" installation

Tens of thousands of balls bouncing up based on the pressure placed on a sensor stimulates both visual and tactile senses that awaken the inner sensibilities of the spectators. The white balls are elevated by air ventilation.


Invite to interact with voice

use case

"Whirlwind" installation

Coloured elastic ropes can be made to vibrate by the various frequencies of your speech and voice.


Invite to interact through movement

use case

"Ripple" installation

Inside an infinity tunnel, two water surfaces react to your presence with physical water and digital light resonations. The resonations are accompanied by a torrent of continuous sound.

use case

"Prism" installation

Large round mirror surfaces reflect the coloured light shadows of the visitors onto the wall. Those who place themselves in the cone of light will find resonating quotations on the surfaces of the wall.

food for thought ...

Beyond interface and screen, what about everyday gesture to experience technology as an integral part of our lives? Using breath, voice, touch or movement...

What about art exhibitions as a new way to communicate brand philosophy, demonstrate technical skills and provide the ability to extend perspective for the future of technology?

How to use technology to provide engaging exhibitions where the visitor becomes an essential part of it?

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